Wednesday, August 29, 2007

African fashion

For a long time Kenyan’s did not have a national dress (except the Maasai people who wore their red shuka’s and blankets for a long time), a competition was held and fashion designers came up with different designs.

Judges finally agreed on Kenyan’s national dress after many years of wearing different types of fashion from countries in the world.

The National dress is still to be adopted by many because very few wear the dress. Those who do only wear during occasions.

African fashion is unique, they come in all forms of material. Some are plain, flowered and bright.

The one I like most is the Kitenge (flowered cotton). They come in different designs and colors. There are also plain ones light or bright in colour.

My best choice is Nigerian fashion the colors and designs are beautiful. I admire the way Nigerians have worn their national dress for years and improved on the designs.

Other African countries like Uganda have also preserved their national attire for years.

I hope Kenyans will one day adopt their recently acquired national dress.

Above is a picture of Nigerian men Agbada and ladies Wrapset by Nigerian fashion and fabrics online fashion See more

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